Shared encrypted destination between multiple devices constantly out of sync

Hi folks.

I have a folder shared between three devices. laptop1 and laptop2 have it unencrypted, and server is configured as an encrypted target on both laptop1 and laptop2 with the same password. As far as I understand, this is exactly the setup described by the second diagram on Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices — Syncthing v1.23.4 documentation (T1 ~ laptop1, T2 ~ laptop2, U1 ~ server).

However, many (148919 out of a total of 177746) items are reported as “out of sync” with server even when both laptops are online and connected, and no progress is made. Am I doing something wrong? How can I work out why this is happening?

Could you post a screenshot of the pop-up panel showing the list of out of sync items (expand “server” device panel on “laptop1” and/or “laptop2” to access the link).

How is the available storage space on “server”?

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Plentiful. 3.3TiB free.

How is the 3.3TiB volume formatted? (e.g., NTFS, ext4)

It looks like the contents of your “mail” Syncthing folder is from a Maildir formatted mailstore (rules out Microsoft Outlook). Which email client is that from? What operating systems are on the server and two laptops?

Some of the filenames your email client is creating include colons (:) which aren’t allowed on NTFS (/\:*"?<>| and NUL), so at least one of the devices isn’t running Windows.

The pathnames of the other eight out-of-sync items are fine, so with the available info, best guess at this time is that there might be a permissions problem either on the laptop or the server. Check Syncthing’s log to see if there’s more info.

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Linux (NixOS).

Correct :slight_smile:

Nothing in the log, and I’ve double-checked that the entire directory is owned by the user running syncthing…

I’ve tried removing the directory entirely from the server and recreating it/resyncing the data. The directory has synced fully now and it looks like the issue hasn’t come back. I still have the old state in snapshots, in case there’s any interest in bringing it back for further debugging.

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