Share a folder for thousands of users.

Hello, I’ve been studying your project for more than an hour. And I do not understand much. Therefore, I will describe my task to you approximately.

I have a folder with more than 30,000 images and 100 different folders inside. I call it the Archive.

I need to freely share this archive with others. In doing so, only so that only I can make changes. All other network members get changes from me.

That is something similar to the system There I can generate a special link with which I share my files with others. And they can not make changes to the archive.

In the documentation, I read that computers must negotiate with each other. It is necessary to confirm new members of the network. But the problem is that I have thousands of users. Someone comes, someone leaves.

So I just want to create a link with which they can become a member of the network.

Is it possible to do this using Syncthing?

P.S Two years ago, I saw a similar functionality using BTsync. Where the person on Patreon was the main member of the network and only he could make changes to the files that he was distributing.

Sorry for my English.

No, this is not possible.

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I realized that the confirmation of network members is a feature of security.

But can I somehow share the folder, so that I have write / read rights, and everyone else has the right to read only? So that only I have the rights to add and delete files.

You cannot. Syncthing does not support a generic public sharing model.


It’s a pity. Thanks for the answer.

P.S there any software that can implement this task?

There are lots of options but most are based on a central server model. Since that is essentially what you are looking for why don’t you look into file hosting software?

Depending on your requirements Apache might be all you need. Nextcloud and PYDIO are open source Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive replacements.

If it doesn’t have to be self hosted there are any number of paid subscription based options available that allow you to share file access via a hyperlink.

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Thanks for the answer.

The central model does not quite fit me. I prefer the decentralized model.

If I as a main participant of the network disappear, then new users will receive data from other network members. The model is based on the principle of torrent. Although network members will not receive updates until I appear. But the network will not be lost without me.

I use Mega, but there ends the place. There’s also no security for storing data. A few complaints and my cloud will be removed. Together with my files on the computer. And I will lose everything.

I do not transfer anything forbidden to the network, but rightholders at any time can declare a witch hunt. Especially when it’s something big and noticeable in terms of popularity.

I will try to use BTSync 1.4 it seems it still works. I will test. It must meet my requirements.

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Hi, It seems that from V. 0.14.50 there will be a read only attribute possibility. I’m in a kind of same use case than the one you wish. I have to trust the other users until now… and from time to time crash down the unwanted modifications they made.

Please do not cause confusion. Receive only is a local attribute, you can uncheck that locally at any time and start pushing changes to others. As the user explain, this is not the model he is looking for.

Thanks for the further explanation. By the way, it’s not the model I wish either, but it’s still the best match I’ve found until now. :slight_smile:

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