Setting persisted after uninstall

Hi - I’ve been experimenting with Syncthing but had some issues with “local additions” so decided to uninstall, delete ~/.config/syncthing and reinstall.

The problem is that when I access the web gui locally and access the settings page, GUI Listen Address & GUI Theme are blank and the GUI Authentication User and Password are populated from the previous install. If I try to change any of these values, they’re not persisted. So it seems like there’s something left over from the previous install.

This is on Raspbian with Syncthing install from the repos.

Nevermind - I’ve blown that machine away, installed Ubuntu 22 Server and reinstalled Syncthing. I noticed that I’m now running the latest version and everything looks like it’s running smoothly.

EDIT - I’m glad I did this - it’s much faster - not sure whether that’s the OS change or the updated version of Syncthing.

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