Set default "Allowed Networks" for all pairs, and future pairs

I want to set !, in Advanced > Devices > [each device] > Allow Networks for all pairs of devices, and have this be the default as I add new devices going forward. Is there a way to do this, perhaps in config.xml?

(That is, the underlying reasoning for this is that,, … are addresses on my OpenVPN network, but I would prefer to send data over other networks to limit bandwidth costs there. Also, if my addresses start with, should I be using instead?)

Just to confirm, is your Syncthing version up-to-date? You can set those as default in “Advanced → Defaults → Default Device”.

Thanks, that sounds like exactly what I want. I’m on 1.22.2 Fermium Flea on all my devices. Can you confirm that my string is the right one for the use case I describe–the ! negation applies to the and not to the

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never used this particular option. However, judging by what’s written at, can you even use negation here?

Right, I think it is parsed, but isn’t documented. I saw it elsewhere in the forums:

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Apologies for replying a little late. It does look like an undocumented feature, but if @calmh himself mentioned it (and pushed the related code), I’d assume it should work exactly as in the given examples :slightly_smiling_face:.

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One Internet cookie, exchangeable for 10 Internet points, to whoever documents this!

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