I’m super new to syncthing and really programming and such in general. but my school uses syncthing and we have always used a specific server address, and then i was given instructions by our former technology administrator that when we set up a new device we use a different server. last week I had to work on some of our synced computers to get them to sync again and noticed that when I was trying to access our syncthing server it won’t let me access it. does anyone have any idea why this might be? most of our devices can be seen on the second listening server, but not the first.

It’s really hard to help here when we’ve don’t know what role the server plays in your setup. In Syncthing, every device is inherently equal, there is no such thing as a dedicated server. Unless you assign that role to some device based on who uses it for what. There is the introducer feature for example. Or you may be logging in to the “server’s” Syncthing web GUI from remote? Please provide some details about your workflow so we can interpret what is going on.

sorry for not including this information. As I said before I’m pretty new to syncthing and am still kind of learning all that goes into it. so from my understanding we have assigned a specific server address to some of our devices, and then when we add devices into that server we have to enter in a GUI listen address in the syncthing settings we use a different server address.

I hope this makes sense.

but now when I go to access the first server address that we assigned it says it’s unavailable. Again, I’m super new to the tech world and am still learning the processes a such so if this is a stupid inquiry I apologize.

It’s not a stupid inquiry :slight_smile: Just a little confusing for someone who knows the right technical terms but not how you’re trying to use it.

You have “assigned a specific server address”, where is that? Do you mean the server’s GUI? Or the Remote Device section on your own / other devices?

I don’t understand what the GUI listen address could have to do with “adding devices into that server”. You add remote devices to the server so it syncs with them, but that happens through the protocol address, not the GUI address. The Addresses field in that Edit Device > Advanced dialog usually has dynamic in it. Is that what you’re changing?

so from what I can understand, when I am on the server:#### (our syncthing server address) page in the top right corner I click actions>settings. then there is a GUI listen address in the settings. in that spot I type :#### (different numbers than our syncthing server address). so I’ve done that when I have added new devices. before it’s always worked and I can access both pages for server:#### and the GUI listen address. but now I can only access the GUI address.

sorry, so I think the second address would be the port address (from what I was reading on the syncthing site)

You should never need to change that “GUI Listen Addresses” setting on the server. It has nothing to do with adding remote devices. The Web GUI runs its own web server and that setting only affects from where the server’s GUI can be accessed in case your server has multiple network connections. Such as limiting to the server itself (only someone “logged in” on it somehow) or any other connection (like any browser on the local network or even from the Internet if your router allows that traffic).

Note that changing the GUI Listen Addresses from remote might even lock you out of the server’s GUI!

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