Server is not working probably?


Ok I am hitting my initial bumps here

I set up a server and a node. I can see that the node has a line says that “Announce server online” however my dedicated server node has no such thing. In fact these nodes cant see eachother in the network at all.

I am wondering if this has anything to do with linux version. The server is Debian Wheezy 32 and the node is Debian Jessie 64.

Also the server is also a Vpn server



I think I found one of the issue. The server was not liking the format. I put the local ip address, and server started responding. They can see eachother now, I added syncing, nothing is happening. Maybe it needs sometime to cache the files.

Ok bizarre situation. One of my nodes(which I called as the server in the opost) stopped connecting out of no reason. It asked me if I want to send anon data and I said “no”. After that it is refusing to be online.

Any ideas?

I do not get it :frowning: This is totally bizarre, it is random behavior. Sometimes it connects sometimes it does not. I hope someone can give me some idea :frowning: None of the other nodes in the same network has the same issue. I am just suspecting that this has something to do with Debian 32 builds.