sendonly folder status via REST API

I have a sendonly folder which gets stuck when the remote side do some changes. So far plausible. I just want to grep such status via REST API. Where do I find this “not synchronizing” information in the REST tree?

There are device completion endpoints, check the rest docs.

Thanks, I checked already

  • rest/db/completion
  • rest/stats/device
  • rest/stats/folder

no difference between the two states. So, no evidence in the mentioned endpoints.

The only thing that gives a hint about the “need override” action are the “need*”-keys/values in /rest/db/status?folder=folderid". Is this way of inferring the only possible way to get such folder status?

By the way; where do I find the key of the folder-type (sendonly)? Thanks in advance!

That is the way.

(I wrote about the same thing in the other direction, sort of, for receive only folders.)

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