Send only photos from phone -- desktop keeps trying to share back


I’ve been using Syncthing for a while but I can’t wrap my head around this one. Want to have my photo folder on my Android shared with my desktop. Synthing App on phone, added folder, checked the desktop, checked “read only” since only phone should send to desktop, don’t want desktop to sync back changes. OK.

Within a second I get a notification, that my desktop wants to share the photo folder. Same description, when I click OK it creates another folder sync on my phone, so now I have two folders…? That’s not what I want. Why does this happen?

Workflow I want is this:

  1. take a photo on phone, it saves to DCIM/Camera.
  2. Syncthing sends large jepg files (around 5mb each) to /Photo folder on Desktop
  3. Later that day, I edit JPEGs in the /Photo folder on desktop, crop, change size, etc.
  4. Phone does NOT get any of the above files back, keeps own large copy.

Can anyone shed some light?

The folder IDs do not match, also, this might not do what you want, because if you delete a photo from your phone, it will be deleted from the desktop.

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