Self-Update by checking the latest connected Syncthing in the group


I like to request a self-update feature for syncthing if its possible, this will make all connected syncthing have the same version by using the latest syncthing that is connected in the group.

Scenario Laptop 0.18.1 -Random Internet Desktop 0.18.6 - Always Internet

The Desktop version 0.18.6 and will alway gets updated because its always connected to the internet, while the Laptop version is 0.18.1 has random internet connection.

The two computers are connected as Remote Devices thru lan

  1. they check each others version which is higher.
  2. ask user if user wants to update the version
  3. if user want to update, syncthing will copy the new version to the remote device, backup the old version and restart.
  4. both remote devices have the same version of syncthing.


This is there, except the part about upgrading through another device due to lacking an internet connection. Is this a common thing, devices being online and connected but not being able to access the internet at all? It’s the first I’ve heard of the situation.

(Syncthing, as is, does an immediate auto upgrade when auto upgrades are permitted and a device connects with a newer version.)

Ola calmh!

A BIG thank you for making syncthing!

I can only tell my situation living in a third world country so I’m not sure if its a common thing in other countries.

I get my internet at work or in a computer shop, at home is a metered mobile internet that i only use for important situation. currently im using a usb stick to manually update the syncthing at home.

Allright, fair enough. How does the home laptop get to sync with the online desktop though? I mean, if you bring it to work and it connects to the desktop there, it should also auto update from the internet at the same time? (I would understand if the situation was the reverse, with the desktop stuck at home with only occasional and expensive Internet connection.)

I was thinking that as a somewhat ugly workaround, you could schedule a download of the latest release (on the desktop) to a folder that is synced to the laptop. You would at least have the latest release there then, for manual upgrade. Unfortunately there is no stable URL for the latest release though (GitHub releases are a bit annoying) so this is more difficult that it should be…

I used to work on networked systems that were air gapped from the internet. Some of the software we used could do this and it made updates so much easier. This was in the time before ST though.