Seeing a list of more-than-just-the-single-latest files synced from a given folder?

At the moment, a pattern I find myself with Syncthing, year after year, is “open the web-GUI and watch the ‘latest file synced’ field like a hawk while I preform some action, to make sure I’m not accidentally syncing something I don’t want synced.”

I really, really wish the “Latest Change” could be clicked on, and would have a partial history of all changes in the past few minutes. This would allow me to keep my eyes out for any changes that, e.g. git or npm or ocamlc or similar have made to the filesystem, and that I may need to add to my .stignore.shared.

As it is, if it flies by in that “Latest Change” section during a moment when I’m not paying attention, it’s … gone forever? As far as I can tell? I won’t know something-that-shouldn’t-have has gotten sync’d until I go find it corrupting my builds on another machine.

tl;dr a more-complete ‘history of changes’ view, with more than just one entry, please! (Is this something I should make a GitHub Issue for? Or perhaps post on BountySource? I’m not used to FOSS projects with this much … structure, and I’m not sure how to go about requesting this.)

There is a recent changes button that shows exactly that, I think?

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