Scanning stuck on a very large file


I have a problem with a specific folder being stuck on “Scanning” forever.

This folder (c:\backup) contains 36 files, but the problematic one is a single 300GB file (all other files are much smaller).
I saw previous issues with large files, but I understood v0.12.23 should support this size, right?

I created a log with STTRACE=scanner, and placed it in

The GUI shows this state, and doesn’t change, even after several hours: ` Laptop Backup Scanning

 Folder Path	c:\backup
 Global State	54 items, ~16.9 GiB
 Local State	55 items, ~317 GiB
 Folder Master	Yes
 Rescan Interval	6000 s

` any idea what might be going on?


Looks like never made it into v0.12.x, so it will not work for files >130GB.

You can try v0.13-beta (currently available at ) which should work. There are some display issues on the GUI but otherwise it works well (at least for me).

Wait for monday and use v0.13.0 then. As Alex says, this is not in v0.12.

Also, if this file changes with any kind of frequency you’re going to have a bad time syncing it with Syncthing.

Thanks. Will do.

The file should not change more than once a week. I’ll need to check how long the transfer takes for these changes, to see if it’s feasible.

Thanks again for the prompt response.

That should be fine. The bottle neck is that the file needs to be rehashed when a change is detected, and then copied for modification on the other side.

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