saving battery ryan

just a phun on the movie i haven’t watched! :grin:

so, here’s the thing…

i use syncthing on mobile only (android and linux in the future), for GB of files, and with a death wish to keep it running always… because one of the biggest reasons i like to keep it on is for state backup: in case anything happens with the easy-to-lose-handheld device.

when there are little changes, it runs smoothly, and never drains much battery, or any at all.

but when there are a lot of changes, then it becomes hungry!

how about a setting “smart savings”, which will try its best to save battery and keep the sync always on?

perhaps it could use some ai monitoring of the battery or processor usage…

or perhaps some variable threshold configuration for transfer size per day, outside of charging state…

i personally would like to also choose which folders would stay always on, but this is secondary.

currently i do manually keep changing the config whenever i consider it might be needed… but like any such manual work, i can’t always do it. perhaps mostlybbecause it is cumbersome and slow… but for sure, also, because i forget.

hoping ryan will be saved!

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