Same folder added twice with different ignore patterns.

I’ve got rid of Dropbox in favor of Syncthing about a year ago and am very happy with it. I now want to add syncing to my iOS devices using the Möbius-client. On iOS I want to have access to the same folder structure as on my other devices but I only want to include .md files.

Can I do this by adding my root folder twice, with a set of ignore patterns in the second instance limiting that instance to markdown files? Or will adding the same root folder twice wreck havoc?

Also, is there a way of testing out ignore patterns against a folder before syncing the folder?

You can only have one set of ignore patterns per actual directory on disk, since the patterns are stored there. You can however add ignore patterns on the other side (device) as well. I’m not aware of a way to preview the ignore patterns’ effect.

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