rwfolder: unnecessary check for changed ignores?

I was looking at rwfolder code in relation to the new fswatcher lib and wondered how changes of ignores are introduced, as there is a check if they changed there. However looking at the model it seems that on any configuration change the folder is restarted. Also the only place where anything is assigned to folderIgnores is in addFolderLocked. Am I missing something or is this check whether ignores changed unnecessary?

Cheers, Simon

It is suboptimal but not unnecessary. Changing ignore patterns is not a config change.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t follow your links and assumed you were thinking about another place in the code. Here is where the ignores are actually reloaded, which is once every scan:

Thanks - a wrong assumption can sometimes get you pretty stuck :slight_smile: This place in the code is exactly what I was looking for to update ignores in fswatcher.