rwfolder check all the time


When running ST with debug all I see the messages bellow, a lot of them all the time many times per seconds.

All the shares on my syncthing are set to scanning interval 86400sec and no devices are connected. Any idea what is triggering this check ?

IMHO the system should be waiting on a channel until the next scan must happen or something like that

    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.067780 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/zzz@0xc20823a2c0 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0
    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.095344 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/yyy@0xc2080b8420 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0
    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.159716 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/xxx@0xc20838e4d0 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0
    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.247598 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/www@0xc20823a210 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0
    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.249151 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/vvv@0xc20838e2c0 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0
    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.249331 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/uuu@0xc20823a0b0 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0
    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.249490 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/ttt@0xc20823a160 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0
    [OQ3KG] 2015/03/30 11:27:27.434702 rwfolder.go:159: DEBUG: rwFolder/sss@0xc20823b4a0 skip (curVer == prevVer) 0

Rescan interval != interval we check if we need to pull something. It’s something that just reads an integer from memory every second, which is fairly cheap.

:grin: nvm, a few lines above:

// TODO: We could easily add a channel here for notifications from
// Index(), so that we immediately start a pull when new index
// information is available. Before that though, ...