RUNDLL error during install

Attempted GTK-v0.9.0.1-win32-fullinstaller on one of my win10 PC (on the other it installed and runs fine) - received the error message during the install - “There is a problem starting D:\Program The specified module could not be found” and the box is titled RUNDLL. I install all apps to my secondary D" drive. In this case location specified was D:\Program Files (x86). Syncthing appeared to run okay after responding to the error message but everytime I start it up it give the error again. So I decided to stop the service and uninstall which went okay, rebooted and tried the install again. I got the error again during the install but it didn’t do the complete setup. If I attempt to run it now it just issues the error and does nothing else.

Thanks, Ron

Update - I removed all registry entries, rebooted and attempted install again. Still got the same error, but the install completed and Syncthing does run, but everytime it runs I still get the error.

You’re missing some quotes somewhere. The path which contains “Program Files (x86)” should probably be quoted: you can see the way it cuts off at the first space.

Also Syncthing-GTK is a third-party wrapper around Syncthing, and is not Syncthing itself. It’s worth making a distinction between the different components when describing an issue.

The error box which is titled: RunDLL There was a problem starting D:\Program The specified module could not be found.

I get it every time I start SyncThing GTK on this computer. The package I installed is SyncthingGTK-v0.9.0.1-win32-full-installer. It worked fine on the other Win10 PC I have.

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