root rights and refuse sync

the program refused to accept changes on android, only to send, since the program does not have access to the flash drive(which it previously requested and received it). i set root rights in the settings. after getting root rights, the program refused to synchronize the folders, since the android user is “not normal”. developers who forcibly impose their religious views on users are disgusting. they’re like fascists. if the user set root and gives root rights to a program, then this is the choice of an user, not a developer!

We don’t impose any limitations not imposed by the platform, so you’re barking up the wrong tree. Possibly the developers imposing their views on you are Google.

Nonetheless I think your wording is unacceptable regardless of who is the targeted developer, so I’ll urge you to reconsider your approach to support requests.


i don’t need your support. i believe that i can not require support from free product. but i believe that it is unacceptable to impose religious views on other people anywhere. it’s like with racism, and it doesn’t matter if this racism is free or not

Okay. Bye bye babut.


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