Revert Local Changes Automatically?

Is there a way to have a folder that is in receive only mode automatically revert changes? What I’m looking to do is have one node as a mirror for another mode. So if I add files to the first node, the second gets them. If I delete files off the first note, the second delete them off it’s node as well. Currently the only way I’m seeing to delete the files on the second node that no longer exist on the first is to manually hit the revert local changes button.

Am I missing some other method to accomplish what I’m looking to do?

No there isn’t, and on purpose: It’s too destructive and dangerous. There’s plenty of previous discussions going into detail on why.
Generally want to ensure local files are not modified, make them read-only for users but not syncthing.

Either I don’t understand or that has nothing to do with reverting local changes: That just basic syncing that works regardless of whether the second device is send-receive or receive-only.

Right now I have syncthing running on two servers. Server1 has the folders set to send only and Server2 has the folders set to receive only. When I delete something off Server1 and Serve2 receives the update, it’s not deleting the files off Server2. It jus shows “Local Additions” on the folder and a red button toe Revert Local Changes.

That shouldn’t happen, it should just delete the files on Server2. Can you enable model debug logging, reproduce the issue (delete something and wait until it appears as local addition) and share the logs please.

Scratch that. It appears it was only an issue from the first initial scan on both Servers. After both servers were successfully synced and had identical files, changes are no being deleted off Server2. Thanks for the replies.

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