Reversed date in search filter

Hi, first post here. So for some reason versioning doesn’t seem to work on my Mac. For reference I am syncing from Mac Studio (Sonoma) to Unraid. I use siple versioning (with 3 versions) The versions are creating as I can see files under [.stversions]. But when I want to browse the files through mac app I can’t see anything. The only thing that comes to mind is the date filter for some reason is reversed as seen on the pic below. I feel this might cause the issue with not being able to see and browse the versions. If anyone had the same issue, some help would be greatly appreciated.

You can ignore how the date in the filter is displayed. This is because the input field is inactive, and the reason for that is because Syncthing hasn’t been able to detect any versioned files.

Are you 100% sure that you are trying to use the Restore Versions function on a device where the versioned files are actually present in the .stversions folder? File versioning only backs up files that have been modified on other devices and synced to the local device, and also the .stversions folder itself is not synced, so you do need to access it on a device which has File Versioning enabled.

Huh. Truth be told, I’m not. I thought I would search versions on a machine I am backing up from, not the one that I back up to. So the screenshot was done on my Mac. But when I fire up versions search on Unraid, nothing is shown, not even search/date window. So how should I configure this? Funny thing is I remember syncthing working flawlessly when I backed up my macbook air to unraid. Now I cant for the world to get it to work properly on mac studio.

Please read up if you haven’t already to learn in details how versioning actually works (as it can be confusing, especially to new users).

Where is versioning enabled right now? On Unraid? As for the screenshot above, how long did you try to wait for the versions to show up? If the hardware, and especially the storage, is slow, it can take a long while for the list to populate. The same is true if you’ve got a very large number of files versioned.

Ok, feeling bit stupid now. So it does work. It turns out the reason why the search was blank on Unraid was because of a folder with tens of thousands of files in it and it just took about a minute to list all the files. All good now, the topic can be closed now. Thanks for pointing me in right direction.

No problem, glad that you’ve got everything to work :slightly_smiling_face:. There actually should be a “loading” indicator displayed when preparing the file list, but it doesn’t work for some reason :confused: (I will try to look into it), so the list appearing empty for a long while can be very confusing.

Just for the record, from now on (i.e. probably the next version of Syncthing) you should always see a notice about data being loaded when waiting for the versioned file list to build up :slight_smile:.

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