Reusing the syncthing code for a different project?

Can the webGUI be extracted from the syncthing code?

Particularly I am interested in the simple display of content in a webGUI and the graphic “commandcenter”. For an open source project.

It’s just plain bootstrap, I am pretty sure you can build something easier, less cluttered and better by starting off from scratch.

The code is out there, so you can use it, but according to the licenses, any code you modify has to remain open source.

I would not even dream of making non-open source when it comes to this project =} Thank you, however I am an absolute noob at programming and attempting to lay the grounds for hiring currently (and seeing if there’s anything I can do myself).

I am very interested in what code pertains to displaying stats on syncthing; the WebGUI must be fed data from the daemon somehow. What I am interested in is not the daemon but the WebGUI that it feeds information and enables working with the daemon.