Reuse of data across folders/repos?


Does syncthing reuse local data in case of duplicates?

I copied about 10GB from one shared folder (repo) to another, and after a little while one of the remote devices (the one that shares both involved folders) appeared “up to date”, and only few megs were transferred.

So did syncthing recognized that the data is already present in another repository on that remote computer and just did local copy there?

(not complaining, just surprised and confused a bit)

Yes, I think the docs explain it.

I guess this is the “reuse” part: BEP V1 - Fields:

The other device MAY reuse a block from a different file and offset having the same size and hash, if one exists.

Anyways it’s nice to see ST being smart and avoiding retransmission of many GBs :thumbsup:

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