"Reuse" folders of another syncthing-installation, that doesn't exist anymore

Good evening, I had syncthing running on my Synology NAS with the syncthing App from the “Synology App-Store”. After the last firmware update the app stopped working, because it isn’t supported anymore. Now I’ve switched to an rpi which is supposed to save the files on that same NAS. It would be very pleasant, if I could use the still existing folders from the Synology syncthing App as sync-target for the rpi. As if the synology app would still be working. All folders on the NAS are receive-only, because I just use them to backup some files, pictures and videos from other devices.

Is that possible?

You can point rpi to sync to the same folders.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do exactly. Is the Pi mounting the folders from the NAS over SMB or another network file system? If so, you can expect terrible performance from that setup.

Have you tried the Syncthing package from www.synocommunity.com? That one still works under recent DSM versions and keeps syncthing.net itself updated to the latest version.

Ok, great. I thought there might me some manuel tweeking needed, to get getting some sorts of conflicts or something.

Yes, the rpi is mounting the folders over SMB. Well, the performance was already pretty lame when I was using the Synology app, so I hope it won’t be worse with this setup.

But the synocommunity app might be the much better way to get syncthing back running with the NAS. Thank you, I will give that a try first.

Well, it seems like the synocommunity version works great, one device is already up to date and the others will be synced over the weekend. Thanks a lot for you help.

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