Resynchronizing after delete

I have Syncthing v1.22.0 installed. For the directory in question, synchronization is happening between two macOS (Mavericks), one ArchLinux, one Windows 10 and an additional Windows 10 computer that has been decommissioned. I have tested synchronization with the latter both connected to the sync network and disconnected, which is its current state.

Lately I’ve noticed that when I move files out of a synced directory (or delete them), a few moments later, they will be resynchronized back to where they were deleted. Sometimes it’s all of them, sometimes it’s only some of them, but it happens almost every time.

Any ideas how I could diagnose what is causing this, or if it’s a known issue, how to fix?

This is a bug (for details see The fix is included in the newest v1.22.1 release candidate, so if you can, I’d suggest to allow Syncthing to upgrade to the newest RC and then see whether the issue is gone or not.

Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve upgraded all my applications to v1.22.1-rc.2. I will report back if any further testing fails.

The web interface of the Windows version reports that it is v1.22.0, even though I extracted it from this zipfile. Here’s the log from SyncTrayzor:

[start] 2022/10/31 20:07:34 INFO: syncthing v1.22.0 “Fermium Flea” (go1.19.1 windows-amd64) 2022-10-02 06:58:22 UTC

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