Resume interrupted synchronizations

Hello, as I found out, it is not possible to to resume interrupted synchronization sessions.

It seems that if a synchronization session is disrupted (for example by taking down one server), any remaining unsynchronized files start synchronizing from the beginning.

Am I missing something here, or is this by design?

It is now (v0.10.0). See

This is not fully in there until 0.10.2, or the current dev snapshot.

Sorry for being a bit of a necromancer, but this is the first result when searching for this topic and I guess it’s useful to have this clarified here too: As of the latest version, synchronization resumption works as expected, and interrupted downloads start of where they left, correct?

Is the temp file kept 24hs from the interruption, or from the start of the transfer?

Yes. From the interruption.

It’s kept for N hours after last being written to.

you can change keepTemporariesH in the advanced settings, the default is 24 (hours)

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Thanks for the clarifications. This is great stuff! Cheers!

It’s actually kept for up to keepTemporariesH + rescanInterval, as removal happens during rescan.