Restoring server after crash


In the interest of security and redundancy in a corporate setting, can someone point me to the appropriate way to restore the SyncThing server/settings/folders to a new (or redundant) server, should the computer running it crash? Is it just a matter of restoring the SyncThing program directory and the C:\users[adminuser]\appdata\local\syncthing directories?

Or is there something more to be watched out for?

What I’m intending to do is mirror the main server to a backup machine, anyhow, and am wondering if just copying the files and firing it up is enough.


(P.S. This particular version is the Windows server but if it’s different between Win/Lin it’d be handy to know.

What you listed is enough, but there’s a catch to be aware of: the appdata (config on linux) directory also contains the database (index-v0.14.0.db). If you also mirror that, you must ensure that the db and the data synced is in the exact same state and also all paths on the mirror are the same as on the source. Otherwise restoring the db can have bad consequences. If you want to be safe, just don’t backup the db and let it rehash everything. If downtime is critical, really make sure everything is consistent in your mirror/backup.

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Perfect! Thanks!

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