Restore Syncthing after HDD crash on "target"-NAS

Hi all,

can anybody help me with this, i did not really find a solution after searching.

Different machines sync files with my Raspberry Openmediavault Nas server. Accidentally I deleted the whole NAS data drive with all the syncthing files on it (what a shame). I got an older copy of the snycthing config folder from the NAS (containing config.xml, cert.pem, key.pem, https-cert etc) and must reinstall and reconfigure syncthing on my NAS (everything on the NAS related to syncthing is deleted: synced files as well as the setup/configuration).

What’s the best way to get it working again after reinstalling syncthing on the NAS again? I want to avoid that the empty NAS snycs to all my machines so that they got deleted as well.

Thanks for your help! Maybe it’s just easy and anybody has a link to the appropriate chapter in the doc-or-help-or-whatever-section i did not find? Cheers Martin

There are no written instructions for this, unfortunately, but as long as you don’t restore the old database together with the empty folders, you should be fine and Syncthing should just download everything from scratch into the same folder paths.

Just in case, I would recommend editing the config.xml file and basically replacing all <paused>false</paused> with <paused>true</paused> before starting Syncthing. This will make it launch with all folders and devices paused, so that you can unpause them one by one. You can also replace type="sendreceive" with type="receiveonly" which will set all folders to Receive Only if you want to be even more sure.

Great, thanks! I’ll try that.

just one more thing: i have an older backup of my data-hdd that is deleted. could i use this backup-hdd in the nas, restore the nas config.xml for syncthing (and nothing else like the db in the syncthing config folder) and leave the client machines just as they are? the folder structure on the backup drive is the same as on the clients (it was an dd copy from the former nas-hdd i deleted).

would that work? or does that crash the sync process or my data? that would shorten the time for resyncing everything.

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