Resolved: Problem with renaming the files when downloaded

Hello, since I have updated to version v0.11.1 I have problem with the synchronization of one folder. I can see a lot of complains like:

[A6WLN] 17:52:53 WARNING: Puller: final: rename /data/syncthing/work_nb/SametimeTranscripts/personfolders.xml /data/syncthing/work_nb/SametimeTranscripts/personfolders.sync-conflict-20150501-175253.xml: no such file or directory

looks like file was downloaded, because of there exists /data/syncthing/work_nb/SametimeTranscripts/.syncthing.personfolders.xml and is the same as original (using sha1sum)

Strange is that it is happening only for one folder, even if I tried to remove it and add again. Synchronization is happening from windows 64b client to linux 64bit client. There was no issue using previous version.

Looks like finally found solution. I had to completely remove ~/.config/syncthing folder and setup device from the scratch