reset local storage without resetting config

Hi all,

my central USB drive died. There are some (in fact: MANY) syncthing’ed folder on it.

The machine and the syncthing config are okay. Only the folder(s) on disk do not exist any more.

I’d like sync all the data to a new drive with the same drive letter but without recreating all sync shares.

I mean: Empty folders on the new drive, some “magic” in syncthing on the machine and after a while all connected devices have uploaded the files into the new folders on the new drive.

Is this possible?

Regards Ingo

What you need is a database reset [1]. Either delete the index-v0.14.0.db folder in your config directory or start Syncthing with -reset-db command line flag. Then it will assume it has never had any data and thus pull in everything from connected remote devices.

[1] Wow, it happened - I am recommending a database reset instead of discouraging it xD
Disclaimer: Don’t let this statement confuse you if it makes no sense, that’s perfectly fine - it’s entirely useless.

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And if it’s just a subset of the folders, remove the folder from the config using the GUI and add it back again. The index data is wiped during the removal.

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Thank you, Simon and Jakob! I will test it and report here!

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