Request to Releasing Stable Updates at Midnight UTC

On Tuesday (as per the release article below), the automatic stable release occurred around 9am NYC time. This was really bad timing (start of the work day). Any way to have the stable release automatic upgrade to occur at midnight UTC time. Otherwise I’m going to turn it off and then enable it after-hours when I’m ready.

Thank you!

Sorry, but I think you’ll have to manage it manually.

The process is not automatic and is done by people, so I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that people will commit to mending their lives around some specific schedule.


You can turn off the automatic upgrades and run syncthing -upgrade on a schedule of your choosing. That does nothing if there is no upgrade, otherwise it tells the already running syncthing to upgrade now.


Thank you. This is very helpful.


You must also take into account that it’s always a “bad time” for someone around the globe! There is no better or worse time, so it’s rather useless to discuss the perfect time of day.

Yeah I’m thinking there was a misunderstanding of wording, the OP probably wasn’t suggesting his time zone and work requirements are the only relevant ones and everyone else should adjust to them. Rather that it should be possible to tell Syncthing at what time to adopt a new release. (Which can be some by driving it externally using -upgrade.)