Request for testing - Windows & Mac

If you use syncthing on Windows/amd64 or Mac/amd64 I’d be very thankful if you could try the release linked below for a few days:

It’s the same v0.11.2 as the current “normal” release, but compiled with Cloudflare’s patched version of Go. This version has significantly improved crypto performance, which affects sync speed, especially for large files and fast networks. Even on slower networks it’ll lower the CPU utilization during sync even if the speed isn’t increased. However due to the way the build process works, there may potentially be issues with DNS resolution and HTTPS certificates. This may be seen as issues with:

  • Resolving other devices, if you have entered a DNS name.
  • Resolving the discovery servers (seen as red “0/2” in the GUI).
  • Resolving the upgrade servers (seen as not being offered an upgrade when there is one available).

I’m curious if and how much this is a problem in reality, hence the request for testing.

To be clear, the build offers increased performance on all amd64 builds (Windows, Linux, Mac, all the BSDs, Solaris). It may have problems as above on Mac and Windows, the other platfoms should be the same as always. There is no increased performance on the 32 bit architectures (386 and ARM).

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Giving it a test-drive right now. Windows 7 - 64 bit.

(1) Started up fine (2) Found global discovery asap (1/2 - I don’t have IPV6) (3) Found my other devices - Note: I use the “dynamic” setting, if that matters (4) I will let you know about version upgrade when there is one.

Let me know if you want me to provide other feedback.

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Just tested it on a Win 7 Pro x64 machine which is connected to Linux x64. Local and global discovery is disabled and device is configured with DNS. (Global discovery cannot work because of corporate firewall) Connected successfully. Will keep this build running for now.

Also did a quick test inside a Win 7 Pro x64 VM to check global discovery. Did resolve and connect to both discovery servers (IPv4 and IPv6) successfully.

Tried to test it on Windows 10 Preview, but that broke itself (again) for no reason.

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In a hurry, so didn’t do an extensive testing (sorry…). Working well for a simple config, no glitch and no bug so far. Tested on Win 7 x64, connected with an Android client.

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I installed it on a Mac (iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)). I can say the release works well with a large shared (1830 items, 875 GiB). Do you want to test anything specific?

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Thanks for the testing. I’m mostly interested in odd failings around network connectivity and so on, and it seems you haven’t seen any of those yet. I’ll probably make the next release two-flavoured, with the default being the standard one and this one being optional for more testing.

So when we see the “upgrade” button inside this test version, will it take us to v.0.11.3 standard, or optional ? Thx

Standard (the “non-standard” build doesn’t know what it is, and there is only one release on Github). And if you see that option at all, it’s a successful test. :wink:

Test successful.

Blue upgrade button appeared, and ST was auto-upgraded to v0.11.3

same here (on Mac OS)

Nice. Seems like whatever brokenness there is around certificates and DNS in purely cross compiled binaries is not too severe. Doubtless we’ll get the full truth if I release such a binary for general consumption. :smiley:

Are all future releases (including 0.11.5 and onwards) now using the CloudFlare patched version for crypto?

AFAIK that was scrapped, as it caused crashes on older CPU which didn’t have the relevant instruction sets.

Yeah, there were issues on at least older AMD CPU:s being misdetected. Maybe it’s fixed, but given it was mostly for internal consumption at Cloudflare and (as it looks like) won’t be integrated into mainline Go I’m not super hopeful.

Yeah I noticed that they have an issue with the Intel copyright…

BTW have you noticed the notifications in this forum aren’t working correctly? This thread is set to “tracking” for me and I didn’t get a notification about your reply in the rop-right, even if I open it now it isn’t listed, nor was @AudriusButkevicius response…

I hadn’t noticed a problem. But “Tracking” means (when I click the button) “you will be notified if someone mentions your name or replies to your post” and I did neither - I replied to the topic in general.

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