Repository Items Counting

Hello Everyone, How does Syncthing count Files and size of repositories? Does it should count .stversions/subfolers and subfiles?

Well here is my experience : My shared repository does not seems synced over nodes. Truth is … they are. But The GUI does say crappy wrong information. Both Repo side say wrong information about Global/Local Amount of Files and Size. Plus i have no 100% on nodes.

Talking less, Screenshots under (note : My Rpi node have 100% on every Repo, it is just not so responsive so it indicates it scans almost permanently)

Here’s windows calculation of my repo : Linux side is 5130 files Someuser@toto/Sync/Dev $ find . -type f | wc -l > 5130

Having this trouble on two repository. Same story with a third node.

Wondering about that. Regards.

“Items” are files + directories. Not really sure about the conclusion from the above, looks like the Windows property dialog is not from the same directory as the syncthing screenshot?

It does actually on the windows side. It’s all about the same folder. In fact, any of 4 nodes have the right count…

Seems Wrong on Linux too as i reach 1000+ diff counted files

I wanted to know if that’s normal to get a synced repo, but not the same amount of Files on each nodes? (If it counts .stversions directory and below, that’s fine)

At this point, it seems that the Node percentage may not handle this correctly. As in my situation, all is synced but nodes aren’t at 100%. Or it’s something about my files number which is wrong through Syncthing?