Repos 100% Synced, Node Stuck at 59%

I am syncing repos between an Arch Linux box and Windows 7 PC. All the repos show 100% synced but the Linux node shows 59% synced on the Windows PC and the Windows node shows 77% synced on the Linux machine (even after restarting Synthing on both machines).

Both machines are running the current version (v0.9.10) of Syncthing (and have been syncing successfully since around v0.8.x).

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information which might help diagnose the issue.

This is most likely the effect of a bug in v0.9.0-v0.9.3 which wrote incorrect index entries for files originating on Windows (with backslashes rather than slashes). Unfortunately it can’t be fixed automatically. Shutting down syncthing on both boxes, deleting both indexes (the directory named index in the configuration directory), then starting up and letting them sync again solves this.

That’s perfect, that did the trick.

Many thanks Jakob.