Reported port is not the set port


I am having a curious case for the nodes I run over VPN. Here in the picture you can see that the port I set in the connection settings for the node is not what is displayed in the information box. The IP is correct but the port is not.

Any explanation for this? Since all the nodes are on the VPN, I put manual ip:port combo. I have this issue with more than multiple nodes on the same VPN Syncthing group.

That means you connected to the remote device by listening. The address you put in the remote device dialog is the listening address of the remote. Dialing happens from a random port towards that port. The remote does the same: It dials from a random port to your listening port 22000 and apparently a connection was established like this first (and the random port is 40116).

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Thanks for the reply, it makes sense now.

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