Repo Stuck at 81%

Repo on my VM’s is stuck at 81%, shows status “Idle”. output shows no errors. Let me know what debug you want me to run to help with this problem.

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Is this a GUI problem (i.e. does it go away if you reload)? If not, restart with “STTRACE=model syncthing” on the receiving side and post what it says.

if it does not go away it’s probably the same error as i have, and i have this pretty often :frowning: Repo needs files but state is idle · Issue #483 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

one second let me run it again. i typed in strace. WHOPPS

is there way to export the console output to a log file?

never mind it sync, out of no where. consider then closed.

if it’s the same bug as i have restarting syncthing fixes it but you will maybe have it again, i have this pretty often. and to save the log just start syncthing like this:

STTRACE=model /path/to/syncthing >> /path/to/log/file.log 2>&1

Are you guys syncing Windows <-> non-Windows? If so, please retry on the latest dev build (linked at the top of this page).

i see it from linux <-> linux and windows->linux

no windows to windows. although i will be doing linux soon. and as soon as someone updates the freenas plugin a newer one, i will be syncing it it with that also.

Hmm, windows to windows is probably equally broken. I suggest trying with the latest snapshot.