Replacing disc.

Hello… My hard drive show aging signs. So I did buy new one install new system and copy all my files from old one (but not /home) All data synced with syncthing is copyed in same path. So how to setup syncthing to NOT transfer all again over network (near 1TB of data) All data is in /home/me/mydata/ like path and I have exact copy.

If the data is genuinely the same, it won’t transfer it. It will still have to scan it and hash it and what not, and it will still apear out of sync until it’s all compared and verified, but it should only update things like timestamps.

I do recommend setting the other side to send only until it catches up, just in case.

The folder is same. But how to transfer settings? (copy entire .config/syncthing ?

Found the answer in reddit forum. Seems that is safe to copy .config/syncthing but better without indexes and let syncthing to recreate it on start. (just run that now)

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