Replacing computer

Hi all, new here.

I’m replacing one (of two synced) computers, it’s an old machine and needs to be completly replaced with new hardware and new Windows installation.

After new computer installation is completed I would keep/use same computer name and local IP address (, then I would need to install Syncthing and configure folders again.

What is a proper way to complete this without losing any data, is there a config export to painlessly do it? Thank you all

Least risky is to setup the device from scratch, even if you already have the data. You might want to set the old remaining computer as send only for the initial sync.

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Thanks for prompt reply, correct me if I’m wrong with what I had in mind:

  1. stop syncing and disconnect folders on both machines
  2. after new computer is ready install Synchting on it
  3. configure both computers as it was before, the end

Is that it?

Yes, ideally setting the known good source as send only for the initial sync period.

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Thanks again, case closed!

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