Replacing a syncthing server

Hi, first post here. I’m using syncthing since a few months. I must say that it is a terrific piece of software.

My setup is has follow:

Syncthing is installed on a test computer. Many remote computers syncing’ different folders with this test computer. On the same lan of the test computer, I have setup syncthing on a Qnap. I want it now my permanent Synthing server.

My question: I would like to transfer all data from test computer to the Qnap. I don’t want to redownload all data. Is there a way ?

Thanks for any imput!


You can copy the data via usb drive or something.

Hey Audrius, sorry for the confusion… I’m not looking for a way to copy the files (media), I mean how do I deal with the synthing database. Do I simply copy all folders? All the remote computers are set to “master”. If I copy the files “as is” on the new server. Will it work ? Will it just update the new files coming from the remote computers ?



AFAIK it is possible, but I would not recommend copying the database (different system, different folder paths)

Syncthing can reuse existing pieces/files from test computer (A) or Qnap (B). You can

a) install Syncthing on B, add folders and share them with other users, stop syncthing immediately, manually copy files from A to these folders on B, start Syncthing and rescan


b) install Syncthing on B, share a folder named “transfer” with A, wait for transfer to finish, create and then share folders with other users - Syncthing will use existing pieces from “transfer” folder. If finished you can delete “transfer” folder from Syncthing

OK then, do I need the .stfolder on each folder from the “A” machine ?



.stfolder is just an empty file that is used by Syncthing to detect if the folder disappeared for some reason, for example unplugged hard drives or network storage. So it doesn’t actually matter if you copy .stfolder, just make sure that you have it in the shared folders of B, otherwise you will get “Folder marker missing.” error.

Well, everything worked nicely. A lot of re-indexing (which is expected/normal).

Thanks a lot team!



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