Removing a file results in "Out of Sync"


Sometimes removing a file results in “Out of Sync” on the device the file was removed (and other devices are disconnected). Touching a file “resolves” the issue. Then, sometimes after few minutes delay (and after mentioned touching), removing the same file can keep “Up to Date” status.

Where is my fault?

0.12.7 is in use under Arch Linux.

What is it that is out of sync after the file was deleted? Click on the out of sync count in the GUI.

That file I have deleted.

Then something weird happened on some other device. It must have failed to delete the file and resurrected it. Possibly this could be because it changed there in the meantime, and you deleting the file forced a rescan of it on the other device, then a conflict as it had a changed version and a deleted version…

Are FAT filesystems involved?

A file is deleting on Linux workstation (ext4). Other devices - two Android ones - are turned off. The effect of deleting (“Out of Sync”) is almost immediate, as well as “resolving” with touch deleted.file.txt.

I’m not aware of file systems on the Android devices (they are not rooted). But I’m not sure they have a time period to communicate with workstation before “Out of Sync” rises.

Probably, I must to add syncthing-inotify 0.6.7 is installed also.

I have uninstalled syncthing-ionotify for now for the case it is a notification issue. Quick test didn’t expose the problem. Will track further…

Well, during these days I still have not got more problems. That is syncthing-ionotify is a candidate to be a reason of the issue.

@Zillode It sends a rescan request pointing at the deleted file, right? (Unless more happened, then the folder?)


I got a question about "out of sync" I primary use Syncthing to transfer files from one location (Master Folder) to another location and after the transfer is complete I move the files (Slave Folder) to outside the sync directory.

This result in an “Out of Sync” message on the master folder but when I delete the files on the master folder that was move away on the slave folder the status don’t automatic change back to 100% sync and stay “out of sync” even if the master and slave has 100% of the same content

Is there away to let Syncthing automatic scan files and if the folders state is the same remove the out of sync message.

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