Remote syncthing has stopped responding after working for months flawlessly

Hi all. I have had syncthing running on two qnap servers inside a local network and a 3rd qnap sitting externally in another city for 7 months or so. To connect to the external syncthing I have entered its direct address and port into the local syncthings. This has been working flawlessly for months now other then the odd time the remote sites internet provider would change the IP address. Quick update on my end of the address and all was good. 2 days ago that address changed again but even after updating the address in syncthing I still get an IO timeout.

I’ve tried moving the remote syncthing to different ports thinking maybe the provider for some reason had started blocking the syncthing port but no joy. I can log into the syncthing Gui remotely with no problem and I can log into the qnap interface remotely so the connection is there and clear.

Any thoughts on things I should explore?

Given you are configuring addresses manually, I think you are on your own. Perhaps it used upnp that stopped working, or perhaps the port forwarding went missing, I mean there could be hundreds of reasons, but the steps to debug it are no different to any other application that you configure to connect directly manually.

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yes and I tried setting them both back to dynamic and allowing discovery etc and still no connection.

Sorry, but I don’t have access to your network to tell you what is wrong, and there could be a ton of things.

I guess I’d try to get netcat or something simple like that working first to verify port forwarding and addresses etc are correct, as it looks like its not.

I assume you’ve forwarded ports on the NAT both sides, the forwarded ports are either hardcoded in the address, or identical to listen address ports if you are using discovery.

Syncthing ui usually shows what addresses it tried and the error it got. Other than that, it’s going to be something else along the way, firewall, misconfigured listen addresses, etc.

Thanks yes I recognize there is a lot on the non syncthing that could be going wrong but as far as i can tell so far its all unchanged not even an OS update in the last week. I was just hoping someone might have a “oh there was a thing that happened to syncthing two days ago that could totally cause this” response :wink: . Both routers are set to forwarding port 22000 and are unchanged since I got everything up and running back in January. The specific ip and port is entered in syncthing as well also unchanged other then the IP address which changed due to a power outage so needed to be updated. I have everything back to dynamic now and so far still no connection. I stopped using dynamic in the past because I was getting really bad and variable datarates and for whatever reason expressly putting in the IP solidified that.

I am not aware of anything that would cause this.

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