Remote Devices - Syncing (95%, o B)


Where is the problem? All the folders are up to date.

Please see attached screenshot:

Thank you in advance.

It’s the remote side that’s out of sync, not the local side, so on the remote side not all of the folders are up to date (or they have mismatching ignores)

Please see the screenshot of remote side.

Everything is up to date:

How to solved this problem?

The devices are not expanded, but it’s possible that one of the folders is only shared one way, or that ignore patterns on the devices for the folders they do share do not match.

Please see below additional information.

Top = local device, Bottom = sync / backup device


Are both sharing the same number of folders with each other?

Yes. I just backup my flash drive to my server (sync with simple versioning).

@imsodin ideas?

“95%, 0B” is hardcoded in JS for the state where everything is synced except deletes. @zhup do you have the advanced options to ignore deletes activated?

I see one device is send-only, maybe it’s a glitch related to that: Folder is up-to-date because only deleted files are missing, so no override button present, but the remote completion factors deletes in and thus shows “Syncing” (I haven’t actually looked in code how local state and deletes are handled with send-only). On second thought this theory isn’t very probable, deletes are pretty essential for folder completion.

Hi, I got something like that yesterday. Finally I notice a difference between the two directories came from hidden files (a little tricky as I didn’t display them on all pc), created by syncthing itself. (Maybe I made a wrong assign for a system path, I’m not sure as I play a lot to learn) But deleting these, once 3, second time 4 files, the full sync came in short time. These were .sync-something, and a sql file. Hope this will help.

The sql file probably was the sole problem, which was not created by syncthing. The .syncthing files are temp files which are not counted and shouldn’t result in any “not synced” state.


They are back so I could take time to read the names : it’s .csync_journal.db which was the sql file; it’s a SQlite3 type according linux file description.

This file seems to be from an owncloud sync client. As it is probably locked while the client is running (and changing when owncloud is doing something) Syncthing can’t sync it. You should ignore it on all devices where you use an owncloud sync client.

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