Remote Devices ip has changed

Hi. I am syncing android and win 7 on fixed ip adresses. The win 7 for some reason decided to change the remote device ip. When I change the IP to the correct one - everithing is fine again. The IP is fixd on my raouters DHCP with a MAC IP Address Reservation. Is it possiable for the PC to change the remote devices IP?

Can I stop it from changing?

Thnak you. David.

Syncthing does not change remote addresses, so I am not sure what you are talking about

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If it will happen again I will write more details.

Did your phone screen go off? If so, it’s likely your phone is set to disconnect from wifi when it’s sleeping, and then you’ll see a different IP address because the node will then use the 3g IP address.

To stop this, there is usually an option in Android under Wifi to ‘Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ (or similar).

The IP that was changed is in the PC’s GUI under “remote devices”

  • The phone IP is fixed by DHCP with a MAC IP Address Reservation.

I assume under the bit under ‘Remote Devices’, if you click edit you’ll see ‘dynamic’ as the address? (Unless you’ve manually put an IP address in there, in which case you should probably change back to dynamic).

If so, Syncthing is showing you under ‘Remote Devices’ the IP address that it’s seeing the node communicating from.

While you say that the phone IP is fixed, that is only the case when it’s attached to WiFi. On 3G, when WiFi isn’t active on your phone you have no control over the IP address that your phone gets.

E.g., on my home network I also have the IP address of my phone locked ( via hard coded Mac address DHCP as well. When I turn off wifi, or let the phone sleep so that Wifi gets disabled and check the ip address, I’m seeing on the phone, but in Syncthing I see my phone connected using

If I look up that IP address:

  $ whois
  inetnum: -
  netname:        H3GUK
  descr:          Mobile Broadband Service
  country:        GB

H3GUK are my provider (Three UK)

Maybe if you look at any logs you have on your Windows client (if you have them) and see what IP address your phone connected from, you can then do a lookup as well and see if the IP address you see matches the phone carrier?

  1. I am only syncing on my specific SSID WiFi on Android. - I did not find this option on PC.
  2. No logs :frowning: Sorry.