Remote device always shows "Syncing (100 %)"

Hi dear helpers,

I use Syncthing on several computers with several folders. On one Win10 PC, I use a folder named eKlassenbuch with 14880 files in 191 folders (21,9 GiB). The remote device from where these files come from always shows “Syncing (100 %)”. The amount of files on both servers ist the same. What can I do to let it show “Up to Date”?

BTW: I tried to pause the syncing of this folder at my PC. Then I see “Up to Date”. But when I click the “resume”-Button, I see “Syncing 100 %” again. The problem only occures with this folder. (And not at the remote device.)

What can I do?

Have you tried searching the forum for simillar issues?

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