Relaysrv on DragonflyBSD


I’ve seen that you provide binaries for DragonflyBSD for the syncthing client, but the relaysrv is not built for DragonflyBSD. Is there any reason for that ?


Because there aren’t many people wanting to do this. You can try and compile it yourself, and ask questions here if you have issues.

You’re using literally the most unusual platform we support, and running a relay server is niche to begin with, so yeah, niche × niche = ε or so :smiley:

@AudriusButkevicius @calmh : I know it’s unusual, but I was wondering about technical reasons specific to the relay server. I’ll try building it myself as you suggested :slight_smile:

There is no technical reason, it should work fine. It’s just not something we’ve put the energy into maintaining a build for.

I understand that perfectly :slight_smile: thanks for your time already.


Just for the record : i’ve built it without any issues on DragonflyBSD 5.0.2.
I’ve used : go run build.go build strelaysrv

It’s now running, I’ll see how it goes.

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