relaysrv as a win32-pro service ... advices ?

Hi I didn’t want to be borred by the console, but there is no -noconsole. So I thought it would be great if I could run relaysrv like a windows service and I discovered there is a cool thing called nssm. I figure I’ll use it. Anyone tried ? Comments ? I created an unpriviledged user, but using runas /u:user “path\relaysv” I got Access denied all the time until I decided the borring thing to login as the user so that the profile was created, then ended session, logged in with my own account and ran again runas in a different way : runas /u: cmd then from within the second window prompt the command ran as wanted, also sparing the need to escape every parameters with back slashes. Thanks

This seems to run fine. Steps I did:

Copy nssm.exe to system32 Create a standard user not admin, eg STrelay. With gpedit.msc grant permission to run as a service and revoke permission to logon locally.

run “nssm install relaysrv” and fill the fields:

“Application”: path and settings, e.g. -ext-address :443 -listen “:22067” -provided-by PsEuDo -status-srv “:22070” -global-rate 500000

“Details”: A gentle full name for your services.msc console. (default delayed startup will end in autostart in old windows).

“Connect as” the ad-hoc account.

“Stop actions” : Stop service (once).

“E/S”: for stdout browse to the bin path to create a relay.log file, select. This applies also to stderr.

“Logrotate”: Replace & Rotate files (I didn’t checked “While service is running” as discouraged in nssm help) - Restrict rotation to +100kB file.

I hope this will help anyone smart enough to run a relay.

But please gurus, comments are more than wished as I’m not an expert.

It looks fine.

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