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Had a few questions about the relaying status page. At this point it still seems pretty broken and i stopped using it for a while and started only viewing the andy leap version ( This one seems down now as well.

Does anyone know what andyleap was running to display those stats and how to deploy a certain page like that yourself? I’m willing to put a page like andy leaps version up for public view if anyone can show me how it’s done?

I looked over here: but can’t find any contact information that might help getting in contact with him. If anyone knows how to contact him i could try doing it through him directly?

I do plan on fixing the relay page (and moving away from relying on some external party to provide the GeoIP data) sometime in the future.

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Thanks for that! If you might find the time, could you maybe give me some pointers on how to install this on a ubuntu server? I’d love to tinker this but never did anything with go…

For a temporary improvement, it would be nice if we could show the info table even if GeoIP didn’t load (yet).

apt-get install golang
cd <location of the checkout>
go build
./<name of the binary>

Ah sorry, you need to setup gopath too, so it’s a bit more involved. You can find a lot of information on that on the interwebz.

You need to “go get [url]” each of the missing dependencies.

Thanks! got a few steps further, now when i run relaystats i get the following error message: 2016/04/14 00:25:59 Error, cannot open db: open /opt/relaystats/relaystats.db: no such file or directory

Might that have something to do with my gopath variable being on a different location than /opt/ ?

No, it’s todo with how the thing was coded. No clue what you need to do there, check -help.

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