Relay stats related issue

hello there, the last couple of days I have been running a relay (initially I started it out of necessity since I didn’t want my ip to connect to third party servers, but I thought to make it public since I had much bandwidth unused.)

It works as a charm for me. My devices indeed see each other and have no “downtime” between them. The problem was that in relays stats website ( the server shows no statistics. As if it is not working.

I was under the impression that since there are no stats for some reason the server was not functioning properly. I was double and triple checking everything (the server runs inside an lxc so I thought that something was misconfigured from my part.) Then I checked my traffic and wow! The container occupied by syncthing relay had already transferred 64GB.

Still, when I check the page my server is shown with 0 connections and no stats whatsoever.

What is it going on?

Hugs, Byron

Port 22070 is used for looking up the stats, so you might need to forward that.

YES! It works.

Thank you :smile:

I also had that same confusion the first time I used the relay until I accidentally stumbled upon how opening 22070 all the sudden made my stats work.

I’m sure it’s written somewhere but, it might need to be stated a little more strongly the role of port 22070 in the --help section or man page or whatever.

Yeah. It was just a debug thing to start with, until the relays UI started talking to it. :slight_smile:

I see, yes makes sense for debug.

Well I thought of suggesting too that it should maybe be a bit more obvious that you have to forward port 22070 but then I thought that the instructions don’t assume virtualisation or specifically lxc so…

maybe add to the current instructions a hint for us newbies playing with virtualisation :smiley:

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