Relay server for the south africa region

I recently thought about giving back a little to the syncthing community. After checking the relay stats i noticed that we don’t have a single relay in the south africa region but quite a few users.

Is the lower latency for these users worth the effort? And which VPS should i choose? I’m willing to spend up to $60/year.


For what it’s worth I used to run a relay in Johannesburg for a couple of years, using the smallest VM Hostafrica had available. That worked fine, though it didn’t see very much usage really. I had to cancel that for various reasons, so I think it would be a worthy cause to take up. :slight_smile:

That’s actually the same solution i had in mind. Their VPS S plan seems like a good fit.

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And it’s live :smiley:

@calmh a bit unrelated but seems to locate some users at Null Island


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Switched to PhotonVPS as they offer 2TB monthly bandwidth for the same price.