Relay Problems since week starting 21 DEC 15

The problem is simply:

Starting week of 21 DEC less and less funtioning connections. Evening 25 DEC connections came back. As of 28 DEC less and less connections. 29 DEC 0400 UTC no connections whatsoever.

Compeditive system BTSync shows 7 Connections to the same PC’s active.

Prior to 21 DEC no problems - basically all connections active. But for 25 and 26 DEC >desasterous results<.

No changes in setups’s were made. Prior 21 DEC for around 6 weeks no problems.

What else can it be than Relays failing or some changes since version 0.12.9?!?!



Well, you have to run with STTRACE=discovery,connections,relays environment variable set and provide the logs. Also, concisely and compactly define who exactly cannot connect to who (cities countries and operating systems are totaly irrelevant, I rather yoy name devices A and B and provide logs from both sides)

Nothing has changed in terms of syncthing in over a month, so dates are irrelevant, and relays are still working for thousands of people, so it’s most likely something with your setup or the internet provider you are using (especially if you can’t connect to a relay, which is essentially connecting to a webpage).

Also, BTSync uses different techniques for connecting, so if’s totally irrelevant if it works or not.

It is fully understood and was known that different systems use different techniques for connecting.

My test set-up for a test-run or field-test however is and was made to exactly check the abilities and stability of the different systems. When and if one of the systems is stable it also allows to verify if the PC’s in the test-chain are connected to the internet / intranet and running! Extensive testing can be done using VPN and so.

Without ANY change to set-ups, the 5 providers involved at present, nor anyother alteration, ALL Syncthing test connections are up and RUNNING smoothly AGAIN since some time this morning (first check 31DEC 0400 UTC the time now 0850 UTC). That, for me, is proof enough that the failures were not induced by “itchy” fingers of mine!

However, out of curiosity, does someone know what produced the failures?

As the entity of the documentation is a bit unsorted and difficult to use could you please give me a hint where to find a meaningfull and comprehensive description how to introduce an own relay server.



So until you have provided logs which proves that the failures are caused by us, I am afraid I will have to classify as your or your ISP’s itchy fingers.

As I said, providing dates etc is meaningless as the system has been stable/unchanged for a number of weeks.

The explanation on how to run a relay is in the readme of the relaysrv repo.

To clarify, this is how you enable debug logging for Syncthing on unix-like systems. If you start Syncthing like this:

$ ./syncthing

Then you enable debug logging of the discovery, connections, and relays by setting the environment variable STTRACE like this:

$ STTRACE=discovery,connections,relays ./syncthing

Here is more info about the possible values of STTRACE:

It will be difficult to provide useful advice without the information in these logs.

Thanks for the info Ifam.

I will use it when needed. However - since this morning all is working again - all the PC’s of the cluster showing synchronized again.

A happy new year to you and greetings