Reduce folder activity for device

In Syncthing, we can set a cycle time for broadcasting changes to other devices for each folder. I’d like to set a cycle time for listening for changes from other devices to reduce writing activity on my NAS. Is that possible already somehow? If not, I’d imagine this “Queueing” feature to work just like

  1. Deactivate the folder for say 60 minutes
  2. Activate the folder until all changes are written (obviously skipping all changes that have taken place in the meantime except the last ones)
  3. Deactivate the folder for say 60 minutes

Does this explanation make sense to you?

No it’s not possible. And as to “broadcasting”: In practice that might be what’s happening, but in reality the adjustable time is only about detecting changes locally, not about broadcasting (anything that’s changed is broadcasted immediately). And since watching for change it’s anyway near instantaneous.

So yes, if you want that you need to start/stop Syncthing/specific folders periodically. However this setup sounds like one-off sync solutions (unison, rsync) might be a better fit.