recover after broken hard disk

dear all,

I used to sync many folders to a remote computer (a form of backup against any computer disasters at home); but the hard disk at the remote computer crashed; I was able to recover most of the data in a new hard disk; in the mean time syncthing stopped, since the .stfolder marker had disappeared, now I would like to restart syncthing : what is a safe way to do this?

In my case, the remote is set to “receive only” so it may be safe; still I wonder what are the correct steps to restart it all.



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If all your folders on the device are set to Receive Only, then it should be safe to just try to start Syncthing and see what happens. As long as folder paths have stayed the same, it should just try to resume synchronisation. In the case of Receive Only folders specifically, you should also be able to just recreate .stfolder manually with no disastrous consequences.


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